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To offer a beautiful, safe and well maintained working environment. We offer a variety of executive offices and small office spaces from small and up to 3000 sq ft with very competitive lease rates.
This is the only building available at the present time.
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Executive Offices
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Executive Offices Deerfield Beach and Small Office Space for Lease Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach is a city in Broward (small office space Broward), Florida, USA with a population of 76,478 (2004 U.S. Census Bureau estimates). The city is conveniently situated between Boca Raton (small office space Boca Raton) and Coral Springs (small office space Coral Springs) and Parkland (executive suites Parkland).

Dating back to 1890, Deerfield Beach started as small settlement named Hilsboro that was developed along the Hilsboro River. The town was eventually named Deerfield for the deer that grazed along the river.

Benefits of our Office Spaces

KHI Offices offers executive offices in Deerfield Beach where such office lease accommodations are hard to find. Whether you're a professional or business owner, our small office spaces in Deerfield Beach are right for you. With beautiful, practical and convenient small office spaces to lease Deerfield Beach is the ideal place to set up your business.

What’s the difference between our small office space and typical executive offices in Deerfield Beach?

executive offices Deerfield Beach

Only the best rates for executive offices in Deerfield Beach! A lot of executive offices work with realtors. This can add a lot of unnecessary additional fees that you obviously don't want. We cut out the middle-man, saving you money and time – two of your most valuable resources.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Because our building is in a central location, it's close to some of the hottest dining and shopping options in Florida. It's also easy to access by major highways like the Florida Turnpike and I-95. You see, we take pride in bringing together the best elements of design, location and function to our newly built building. This is why you'll find efficient and exceptional executive offices and small office space for lease to take care of your unique business needs. Whatever the nature of your business, we are the best solution for small office spaces to lease Deerfield Beach.

We combine the South Florida creative spirit with our exquisite taste creating the right atmosphere for all that seek small office space Deerfield Beach. Executive offices Deerfield Beach are scarce so this location is ideal to set up your prestigious business location. Whatever the nature of your business, we are the best solution for small office spaces to lease Deerfield Beach.

Small Office Space Lease Deerfield Beach
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